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A show of fighting spirit

Updated: 2024-03-16 10:22 ( China Daily )
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A performer from Nanshan Yingge dance team and employees at Burlington Arcade pose in London. [Photo by ZHENG WANYIN/CHINA DAILY]

Chen Laifa, however, says the traditional practice has, in recent years, restricted the preservation of the dance. "How can we carry forward the heritage, if there are not enough people proficient in the skills," he says.

The folk dance is demanding with fast-paced moves. "As the dance can be physically consuming, you can't keep dancing as you get older. There is an age limit," reveals Chen Jinxiang, who started learning the dance when he was 5 years old.

At 30, he is the oldest among the London squad and considered "old" for a Yingge dancer, with most of the visiting team members aged between 25 and 28.

Participation from young dancers is welcomed. Since 2017, Chen Laifa has assisted Nanshan Primary School in setting up and running a voluntary Yingge dance-learning program, and gifted students are included in his team. While the delegation to London performed in the UK on Feb 11, the junior troupe, which has grown into a group of qualified dancers, also took over in downtown Puning.

Chen Laifa says Nanshan Yingge troupe has also taken the bold move this year of including more female performers, finally abandoning the ancient, unbending male-only rule.

The most important thing dancers need is the commitment to learning and performing the dance, and to bringing heartfelt passion to the dance, Chen Laifa says.

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