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Updated: 2024-04-24 07:48 ( China Daily )
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Young internet users in China have found that adopting a "princess mindset" can help them focus and persist while studying. [Photo/TUCHONG]

Study like a princess

Earlier this month, an internet user named "Shiduopili" on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, announced that she had been accepted into her dream graduate program after securing first place in the second round of the entrance exam. "The 'princess learning method' was a total success!" she said.

Her announcement video received more than 146,000 likes, and the hashtag "princess learning method" amassed over 28 million views on Douyin. So, what exactly is it?

Basically, it involves transforming into a princess from the inside out — dressing, thinking, and acting like one. The most important part is the mindset, which requires you to believe that you're an heir to the throne and are shouldering great responsibilities. Therefore, you must adhere to a high standard of persistence, patience, attentiveness, and composure during study sessions.

This method appeals particularly to Generation Z.Many young netizens who enjoy role-playing and self-affirmation have acknowledged its effectiveness, as it works similarly to the Pygmalion Effect, where positive expectations and suggestions can encourage individuals to develop in a positive direction.

"Many people believe that a girl who spends time dressing up wouldn't be hardworking or excel in anything. However, you proved that we could realize our goals while looking good," a netizen commented on Shiduopili's video.

Radio cassette recorders are making a comeback in Japan. [Photo/TUCHONG]

Radio retro revival

In the 1980s, the radio cassette recorder was all the rage in Japan. Recently, it's made a comeback with added CD-player functionality, Bluetooth capability, and a more stylish appearance.

Initially, the development team intended to target Generation Xers (those born from 1965 to 1980) who couldn't afford a recorder when they were young. But interestingly, Gen Zers have also shown a strong interest.

Cassette factories in Japan have reported a surge in orders over the past few years. With an average price of 1,000 yen ($6.46), cassettes are affordable for both long-time collectors and newcomers on a tight budget.

"The preparation process itself before listening to the music is interesting and delightful," said a teenager during a street interview with Nippon Television Network Corporation.

The retro wave has also swept over the video industry. A VHS (video home system) cafe in Tokyo has been gaining popularity since its opening last October. The cafe offers videotapes of short films that run 20-30 minutes long, allowing customers to watch them using the aging cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions in-store.

According to NTV, Gen Z customers particularly enjoy the process of the videotape being "swallowed "by the player. They see it as "ritualistic and fun", and often capture the moment with their phones.

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