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Calligraphy connects China and Zimbabwe

At the "I Am Mbare" community school near the slums of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, over 30 children sat in neat rows in the small schoolyard.


Tale of power and redemption

Chinese costume drama The Princess Royal has dominated social media discussions since its debut on the Chinese streaming platform Youku in June.

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Elevating the guzheng's legacy

Ji Wei, a renowned guzheng artist, enhances the traditional Chinese instrument's appeal and global presence through cultural outreach.

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Explore China's sacred peak

International students from around the world visit Mount Tai, uncovering its historical significance, spiritual symbolism, and cultural impact while connecting with China's rich heritage.

Cultural Exchange

Reality show appearance opens up new paths

Despite not getting through to second round, Kazakhstan singer decides to stay in China to further her career, Chen Nan reports.


What's on

Rituals of Repetition: Portals to Eternity, at the Art Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts until Aug 25, features the work of four South Korean artists.