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Narrative arc set in stone

2024-03-02 15:11

It was the continual, omnidirectional flow of communication among the nation's ancient cultures that helped to form the foundation of Chinese civilization as we know it today.

Lore of the rings

2024-03-02 14:58

Exquisite jade discs and rings help illustrate how ancient Chinese civilizations learned to shape intractable natural resources, and in doing so, developed a thriving culture that still resonates today.

Superme athlete chases his dream

2024-03-02 13:09

Torsongan Bullik, a 28-year-old cross-country skier, may harbor regrets over not winning a medal during his first National Winter Games in Hulunbuir, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Interviewer listens to learn as talk-show format changes

2024-03-02 11:46

There is a recently aired episode of the online show I Hear You, in which Li, driven by her sense of curiosity and desire to ask questions, interviews influential individuals in various professions and immerses herself in their lives.

Tuning in for animals

2024-03-02 10:19

Popular Beijing band puts on benefit concert for one of the country's top zoos.

Prada fashion blossoms in Shanghai

2024-03-01 17:04

Prada released the "Prada for Blossoms Shanghai" capsule collection with a private cocktail at Rong Zhai, Shanghai on Thursday.

Beijing hotels host events to celebrate Women's Day

2024-03-01 15:24

CBD Ladies' Month Campaign "Inspire, Inclusion" was launched on Thursday in Beijing.

Honor of Kings walks out into the real world

2024-03-01 14:56

This year's Zigong lantern festival brings Glory Canyon to reality - inspired from a popular mobile game, Honor of Kings.

TV show maestro keeps conjuring up success

2024-03-01 14:32

Meng Jing, the mastermind behind Zhejiang TV's popular variety shows, recently orchestrated a heartwarming video titled A Letter Home, drawing attention to those who couldn't make it home.

Journey to the West gets modern touch

2024-03-01 14:24

The Shanghai Dramatic Art Center's new adaptation of Journey to the West casts female actors in the two lead roles: the pilgrim monk Xuanzang and his first disciple, the Monkey King.

Chinese, Thai tourist numbers surge

2024-03-01 14:11

The number of Chinese tourists visiting Thailand has increased by 30 percent year-on-year, major Chinese travel agency Trip.com Group reported on March 1. The date marks a year since the permanent visa-free policy between the two countries took effect.

Chinese production of Les Miserables set for national tour

2024-03-01 10:42

A new Chinese theater production of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables announced the kickoff of a national tour in Shanghai on Tuesday.

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