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Russian ambassador: Chinese martial arts popular in Russia

2019-05-14 08:10:00

As a Sinologist, Russian ambassador to China, Andrei Denisov, takes a special interest in Chinese traditional philosophy, history, and theater. Not only has his interest in Peking opera grown over the years, his love for Chinese cinema has also increased.

Irish ambassador: Chinese language so nuanced and ancient

2019-05-13 09:00:00

What fascinates Irish ambassador to China, Eoin O'Leary, most in Chinese culture is the language. "The Chinese culture is very much reflected in this beautiful language, which is so nuanced and so ancient. That is the highlight for me."

Thai ambassador: Thai food influenced by Chinese

2019-05-13 07:48:46

Thai ambassador to China, Piriya Khempon, said that his country's food has absorbed many Chinese traditions.

Uruguayan ambassador: young artists create a new image of China

2019-05-13 08:15:46

According to Uruguayan ambassador to China, Fernando Lugris, Chinese culture is so vast and immense, everything appeals to him.

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