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China Cultural and Creative Products Exhibition Week closes in Cairo

2018-07-03 10:09

Dancers from Sichuan Modern Dance Company perform during China Cultural and Creative Products Exhibition Week in Cairo, Egypt, on July 2, 2018. 

Vietnamese charmed by creative Chinese cultural products

2018-06-30 10:38

Unique cultural products encapsulating China's classical themes, modern features, traditional values and lively creativeness have been capturing the hearts of many Vietnamese people.

Modern Chinese porcelain works showcased in Tokyo

2018-06-28 15:22

In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the China-Japan Treaty of Peace and Friendship and the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up, a new exhibition titled "Porcelain from China's Jingdezhen" opened at the China Cultural Center in Tokyo on June 19.

China Week in New Zealand reveals secrets of Dunhuang

2018-06-25 13:50

The just-concluded China Week: Inheritance and Innovation showed cultural products from Dunhuang - home to the famed Mogao Caves - in Northwest China's Gansu province, at the Wellington Central Library in New Zealand.

Exhibition of Chinese creative cultural products concludes in Fiji

2018-06-25 11:15

An exhibition of creative cultural products from North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region concluded in the South Pacific Island nation of Fiji, having showcased Inner Mongolia's unique culture and helped promote cultural exchanges between the two sides.

'Journey to the West' puppet show captivates New Zealand students

2018-06-22 11:21

The puppet show "Three Times Beating Baigujing", an excerpt from the Chinese classic novel "Journey to the West", enthralled students in New Zealand during a recent tour showcasing Chinese cultural heritage.

'Colorful Guizhou, Charming Culture' exhibition kicks off in Nepal

2018-06-17 11:10

The exhibition "China Week: Colorful Guizhou, Charming Culture" kicked off in Kathmandu on Friday.

Mega Chinese Cultural Exhibition enters Sri Lanka

2018-06-14 11:13

A mega Chinese cultural exhibition titled Silk Road Memory - NICE Choice Exhibition of Chinese Creative Cultural Products kicked off in Sri Lankan capital Colombo on Tuesday, displaying China's popular culture such as Kung Fu.

Int'l cultural exhibition from Palace Museum opens in Seoul

2018-06-14 08:43

The exhibition "A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains" opened at the China Cultural Center in Seoul on June 8 as part of the Chinese Culture and Tourism Ministry's international campaign to showcase the Palace Museum's creative inheritance of cultural relics.

'Design as Life': Chinese cultural products displayed in Malta

2018-06-12 14:45

"Design as Life", a new exhibition under the Chinese Culture and Tourism Ministry's "China Week: Inheritance and Innovation" project, opened at the China Cultural Center in Malta on Friday, putting on show cultural creative products designed by artists from Taiwan.

Chinese silk shines at exhibition in Paris

2018-06-08 15:14

The "Reconstruction: Techniques and Design of Chinese Silk" exhibition opened at the Paris China Cultural Center on Tuesday and will run through June 28.

Exhibition in Seoul reveals the creative side of China's culture industry

2018-06-06 16:39

The just-concluded exhibition "China Week: Creative Chengdu" showed the innovative side of China's culture industry at the art center of Seoul Hongik University. 

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