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Soulful sissi

2017-04-24 06:53:55

The Austrian film Sissi, based on the legendary life of Empress Elisabeth, became popular in China after it was screened here in the 1980s.

2017 Meeting in Beijing Arts Festival

2017-04-17 10:40:41

The 17th Meeting in Beijing Arts Festival will open with Hungarian dance Princess Sissi on April 27. The event will feature a series of classic works from countries related to the Belt and Road Initiative, including ballet Swan Lake performed by a Belarus dance company.

'Happy Chinese New Year' events in Beijing to kick off soon

2017-01-04 15:07:54

China Readers' Club, a 2017 Happy Chinese New Year event will be held in Beijing from Jan 16 to 22. A culture week will be featured during the event at the Tianqiao Performing Arts Center.

2017 Happy Chinese New Year

2016-12-22 08:59:30

Intangible cultural heritages and traditional Chinese music will be the two main elements for the 2017 Happy Chinese New Year events in the countries part of the Belt and Road Initiative.

2017 China-Mexico Culture Year

2016-12-08 14:23:34

A news conference for the upcoming 2017 China-Mexico Culture Year was held in the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City, Mexico, on Dec 3.

18th Shanghai International Arts Festival kicks off in Shanghai

2016-10-13 14:10:40

Artists perform during a rehearsal of a Chinese folk music show for the 18th Shanghai International Arts Festival in Shanghai, East China, Oct 11, 2016. The festival kicked off on Oct 12.

2016 China Shanghai International Arts Festival opens in October

2016-09-27 11:13:15

The 18th China Shanghai International Arts Festival will come together to celebrate over seventy international projects to show China's confidence in culture.

International arts festival to open for ninth year

2016-07-21 18:05:16

The 9th China International Youth Arts Festival will be held from August 12-27, announced at a Ministry of Culture press conference on July 20.

The 2016 visiting program for young sinologists

2016-06-28 15:33:12

The third round of a visiting program for young Sinologists this year is coming. The commencement ceremony of the program will be held at the National Library on July 4. About 33 young Sinologists from 27 countries will start their journey in China.

Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo

2016-06-17 08:13:27

The Ministry of Culture has just released its plan for an upcoming expo in Gansu province.

China National Traditional Orchestra performs in the US

2015-12-13 10:13:22

Artists of China National Traditional Orchestra perform during the orchestra's debut to media at the Kennedy Center in the capital of the United States on Friday.

Replicas of China's Mogao Grottoes will visit the US in 2016

2015-12-09 17:15:49

An exhibition replicating the caves of China's Mogao Grottoes entitled "the Buddhist Art of the Silk Road of China" will be held from May to September at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, USA.

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