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Indian 'Twelfth Night' falls at Wuzhen Theater Festival

2014-11-04 13:51:47

The Wuzhen Theater Festival is honoring Shakespeare's 450th birthday with a special performance.

US ballet troupe stages The White Haired Girl

2014-11-04 10:36:10

Dancers from the Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre in Missoula, Montana performed at the Nanning Theater, Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, on Nov 2.

Tibetan Culture Week opens in Vancouver

2014-11-04 10:18:01

A Tibetan Culture Week has opened in the Canadian city of Vancouver.

Tibetan art troupe performs in Zimbabwe

2014-11-04 09:58:06

A Tibetan art troupe made its debut in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, on Oct 24. Actors, dressed in traditional costumes, brought unique Tibetan culture to Africa for the first time.

2nd China-ROK Cultural Industry Forum held in Beijing

2014-11-02 10:06:49

To increase the flourishing cultural and creative ties between China and Republic of Korea, the culture ministry of the two countries held the 2nd China-ROK Cultural Industry Forum at the National Center for Performing Art in Beijing on Oct 31, 2014.

Rongbaozhai integrates artworks with tea industry

2014-10-31 16:34:22

Chinese time-honored brand Rongbaozhai has recently declared that it will advance into the field of tea culture and integrate artworks with the tea industry, which marks a new step towards its diversified operation.

No politics, no propaganda, only China

2014-10-31 10:03:02

Ding Wei, the vice-minister of culture, said the world needs to see the "true China" at the closing ceremony of the second Symposium on China Studies in Beijing.

2nd Symposium on China Studies kicks off in Beijing

2014-10-29 17:12:39

The three-day 2nd symposium on China Studies kicked off in Beijing on Oct 28 and more than 30 Sinologists and scholars from 18 countries gathered to share their understanding, ideas and love for Chinese culture.

The 7th Cross-Strait (Xiamen) Cultural Industry Fair opened

2014-10-29 14:20:30

The 7th Cross-Strait (Xiamen) Cultural Industry Fair was held on Oct 24. The exhibition attracted 1,583 attendees, including 657 Taiwan companies.

S. Korean film industry icon pushes for more cooperation with China

2014-10-29 09:41:22

Cooperation between the Chinese and South Korean film and TV industries has been picking up momentum in recent years, from the smash hit South Korean TV series You Who Came From the Stars, a big success in both countries, to China-South Korea co-produced films such as A Wedding Invitation, which earned around 190 million yuan ($31 million) at the Chinese mainland box office.

Mo Yan moved to tears by adapted TV series of his novel

2014-10-28 13:03:17

The adapted TV series from the renowned writer Mo Yan's novel, Red Sorghum, was first broadcast on Chinese televisions on Monday evening, bringing the writer to tears after watching a segment.

Palace Museum needs to design landmark souvenirs

2014-10-24 15:01:35

Beaded earphones, imperial robe T-shirts and sword stationery - these are just a few of the latest and “fashionable” merchandise offered by the Palace Museum.

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