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Buddha statue dispute to be taken to Netherlands court

2015-11-17 09:04

One of the lawyers representing the Chinese village in its quest to retrieve the mummified Buddha said an appeal would be submitted to a Dutch court later this month.

Deep in the ancient town of Ciqikou

2015-11-16 17:35

Ciqikou is located in Shapingba District of Chongqing Municipality, about 17 kilometers away from the Liberation Monument, which marks the center of the city.

Field investigation complete on village's case to reclaim 1,000-year old statue

2015-11-16 17:31

Lawyers have finished evidence collection to reclaim a 1,000-year-old Buddha statue containing a mummified monk from a Dutch owner.

Top 10 winter attractions in Beijing and Zhangjiakou

2015-11-16 17:19

Let's take a glimpes of the 10 most popular winter tourism spots in Beijing and Zhangjiakoui.

Activity held to mark birth anniversary of Zhu Xi

2015-11-16 16:54

Actresses dance during an activity commemorating the 885th anniversary of the birth of Zhu Xi, a renowned Chinese ideologist, philosopher and educator during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), in Wuyishan city, Southeast China's Fujian province, Nov 15, 2015.

Ink masterpiece added to Long Museum's treasure trove

2015-11-16 15:47

The Shanghai-based private Long Museum acquired an ink painting by modern master Pan Tianshou at a Beijing sale on Monday night, at the price of 93.15 million yuan ($14.5 million).

Cy Twombly's 'blackboard' painting sets auction record

2015-11-16 13:41

An untitled "blackboard" work by Cy Twombly sold for a record-setting $70.5 million at Sotheby's on Wednesday, leading the way to a $295 million total at the auction house's sale of contemporary and post-war art.

Portraits found in tomb may include image of Confucius

2015-11-16 07:38

Chinese archaeologists claimed on Saturday to have unearthed a portrait of Confucius from a tomb in Jiangxi province that is at least 2,000 years old.

Locals enjoy themselves during traditional festival in Yunnan

2015-11-15 14:38

Tourists and local residents enjoy during a traditional festival in Honghe county of Hani-Yi atonomous pefecture of Honghe, Nov 13, 2015.

Straw art festival held in Chongqing

2015-11-15 11:57

A straw art festival was held in Taohuayuan Scenic Area.

Arabic learning gains popularity in western China

2015-11-13 14:45

Young Chinese people are becoming more interested in learning Arabic as the Belt and Road initiative begins to generate jobs and business opportunities.

Ancient Tibetan monastery renovation completed

2015-11-13 14:11

Renovation work on an ancient Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Northwest China's Qinghai province, which was damaged after a 7.1-magnitude earthquake in Yushu Tibetan autonomous prefecture on April 14, 2010, is now complete.

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