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Hermes brings show of goods made from reused materials

2015-11-24 07:41

Pascale Mussard, a sixth-generation member of Hermes, has run an in-house unit for reusing materials that were among waste at Hermes to create art works.

A glimpse of the world's biggest wooden Bodhisattva in N China

2015-11-23 15:41

Photo taken on Nov 22, 2015 shows the giant wooden Bodhisattva in the Puning Temple, commonly called the Big Buddha Temple, a Buddhist temple complex in Chengde, Northern China's Hebei province.

Chinese opera showed in Bangkok, Thailand

2015-11-23 15:22

An actor puts on make-up at the backstage before a Chinese opera show in Bangkok, Thailand, Nov 22, 2015.

China to train successors of intangible cultural heritage

2015-11-23 14:47

China plans to train 100,000 people to protect intangible cultural heritage in next five years, according to a recent notice jointly issued by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education.

McDonald’s in historical residence stirs public debate

2015-11-23 14:15

Fast food chain McDonald's recently opened a cafe in the main building of the former residence of historical figure Chiang Ching-kuo, former Taiwan leader, setting off public debate.

187 large gold coins found in 2,000-year-old tomb in Jiangxi

2015-11-23 14:06

The number of gold coins found in the "Haihunhou" (Marquis of Haihun) cemetery has risen to 187, far exceeded experts' previous expectations of around 50, according to Beijing Morning Post.

Snowfall brings beauty in Beijing winter

2015-11-23 14:00

Over the weekend, severe temperatures brought a heavy snowfall to Beijing. It brought beauty to scenery spots in the city.

Adaptation frenzy

2015-11-23 08:19

The notion that popular online fiction guarantees on-screen success has created a bubble in Chinese showbiz, and if unchecked, it will leave many by the wayside.

Xizang to raise life expectancy to 70 by 2020

2015-11-22 13:35

Tibet Autonomous Region in southwest China plans to raise its average life expectancy by two years to 70 in five years, a local official has said.

52nd Golden Horse Awards held in Taipei

2015-11-22 08:59

The awarding ceremony of the 52nd Golden Horse Awards kicked off here on Saturday in Taipei, Southeast China's Taiwan, Nov 21, 2015.

Mainland director wins best leading actor award in Taiwan

2015-11-22 08:28

Chinese mainland director Feng Xiaogang won the best leading actor award at the Golden Horse Awards for his performance in the film "Mr. Six".

Charming scenery of Yulong Snow Mountain in winter

2015-11-20 09:43

A scene of forest near Yulong (Jade Dragon) Snow Mountain attracts many tourists all over China in Yulong Naxi Autonomous County of southwest China's Yunnan province.

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