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What is the Chinese Double Ninth Festival

2018-10-17 08:53

The ninth day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar is a traditional Chinese festival, the Double Ninth Festival, which falls on Oct 17 this year.

Tibetan elders observe joyful festival

2018-10-19 10:22

Tibetan elders in elderly activity centers and seniors' homes in Lhasa, capital of Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, celebrated Chongyang Festival this year.

36th chrysanthemum cultural festival held in Kaifeng

2018-10-18 15:37

Actors perform at the opening ceremony of the 36th chrysanthemum cultural festival held at the scenic spot of Millennium City Park in Kaifeng, Central China's Henan province, on Oct 17, 2018. 

How people celebrate Double Ninth Festival in China

2018-10-17 17:12

How people celebrate Double Ninth Festival in China

Autumn through its hues and festivals

2018-09-24 08:54

Festivals in autumn are a window to Chinese culture and history

How to make Double Ninth cake

2013-10-12 18:25

On the Double Ninth Festival, people will eat Double Ninth Gao (or Cake). Double Ninth cake is also known as flower cake, chrysanthemum cake and five color cake. There is no fixed method of making it.

Seniors Day — more reflection than celebration

2013-10-12 16:25

Filial piety is now the law of the land and Seniors Day will be celebrated tomorrow — for the first time as an official festival.

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