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Stockholm China Cultural Center to boost China-Sweden exchanges

2016-09-07 16:04:18

StockholmThe Stockholm China Cultural Center unveiled its nameplate to the public in Stockholm's city center on September 1, creating a new chapter for China-Sweden cultural exchanges. Chinese ambassador to Sweden Chen Yuming attended the opening ceremony.

China Cultural Centre celebrates Fiji's biggest festival in Suva

2016-08-22 14:36:37

The traditional Fiji Hibiscus opened in the capital Suva on August 13. It is a platform to showcase Fiji's unique ethnic flavor and communicate with the outside world.

Chinese photo and oil exhibitions to warm Stockholm's autumn

2016-08-30 11:41:01

A duo of exhibitions, "The Photo Exhibition Celebrating the 66th anniversary of China-Sweden Diplomatic Relations" and "Beyond Image: the Oil Paintings from China", will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, from Sep 1 to Oct 9.

Chinese oil paintings shine in Stockholm

2016-09-07 15:28:16

An exhibition titled "Beyond Image: the Oil Paintings from China", was held in Stockholm, Sweden, on Sept 1.

2016 China-Mongolia Culture Year launches in Arkhangai

2016-08-12 12:05:42

The 2016 China-Mongolia Culture Year held its opening ceremony in Arkhangai province, Mongolia, on August 4.

Outstanding students from overseas CCCs visit China

2016-07-25 14:53:14

Outstanding students from overseas China Cultural Centers today will embark on the 2016 Cultural Tour of China in Beijing.

Month-long China-Thailand cultural caravan to boost cultural exchange, tourism

2016-07-26 10:45:46

The third Sino-Thai Culture and Tourism Friendship Caravan will be organized from August to September to boost cultural exchange and tourism, officials said in a press conference in Bangkok on July 25.

Young South Koreans get taste of Dragon Boat Festival

2016-06-15 15:12:02

A Dragon Boat Festival "experience" activity was held for young South Korean students in Seoul's China Cultural Center on June 9.

Exquisite Chinese embroidery on display in Paris

2016-06-03 10:15:52

An exhibition of Chinese embroidery was unveiled at the Chinese Cultural Center in Paris, capital of France, 2016.

Silk Road themed lectures held in Egypt

2016-06-01 15:55:15

As a part of Sino-Egypt Culture Year, a lecture on "Discover China: Xinjiang and Silk Road in the Han Dynasty" was held at the Archaeology School in the prestigious Cairo University on May 23, attracting nearly 50 scholars.

Chinese folk music shines in Sydney

2016-06-01 15:12:02

A Chinese folk music concert was held in Sydney’s China Cultural Center on May 27. Five artists from the popular Hubei Chime Music Philharmonic performed a series of classic songs to local audiences.

Henan culture shines in Malta

2016-05-16 14:53:31

The Night of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Henan was held at the Malta China Cultural Center on May 9

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