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Blending East and West: Chinese artist's paintings shown in Malta

2017-07-17 14:53:11

A solo exhibition featuring artworks of Chinese artist Lin Guocheng is on show at the China Cultural Center in Malta.

China's intangible cultural heritage week kicks off in Pakistan

2017-07-09 16:47:18

A cultural week on China's intangible cultural heritage has kicked off with a paper-cut show will to be presented in the national museum in Karachi, according to the Chinese embassy here.

Contemporary art exhibition marks anniversary of China-Japan diplomatic ties

2017-07-06 16:48:14

An exhibition titled "Dialogue with Contemporary Japanese Art" was launched at the China Cultural Center in Tokyo on June 27, marking the 45th anniversary of the normalization of China-Japan diplomatic ties and the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China.

Malta holds film panorama to mark HK's anniversary

2017-07-03 14:23:43

A Hong Kong film panorama, along with a photo exhibition of action movie legend Bruce Lee, was unveiled at the Malta Cultural Center on Friday to mark the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China.

Chinese culture and creativity highlighted at exhibition in Thailand

2017-06-22 13:58:31

As part of the cultural activities to promote China's intangible cultural heritages and enhance cultural communications between China and Thailand, a selection of more than 300 creative products from the nation's state-level museums are on display at the China Cultural Center in Bangkok.

Exploring Chinese culture in Nigeria

2017-06-12 14:52:38

More than 100 people from China and Nigeria attended the opening of the 2017 China Culture Week in Nigeria, on Saturday.

First Qi Baishi exhibition to open in Seoul

2017-05-31 11:43:56

South Koreans will get their first chance to have a close look at the artwork of Chinese modern art master Qi Baishi, hailed as China's Pablo Picasso.

7th Chinese Film Festival opens in Paris

2017-05-24 10:41:56

Eleven Chinese films will be shown in seven French cities as part of the 7th Chinese Film Festival in France.

Chinese acrobatics dazzles South Korean audience with tour show

2017-05-22 13:34:03

A selection of Chinese acrobatic performances impressed South Koreans when a Chinese acrobatic troupe toured three South Korean cities, including Seoul, Gunsan in North Jeolla province, and Muan in South Jeolla province, from May 13-14.

Experiencing Chengdu culture at concert in Berlin

2017-05-18 14:46:52

More than 200 people in Berlin, Germany, have enjoyed traditional performances by Chinese artists and musicians at an event in the China Culture Center on Sunday.

China's culinary culture revealed in ancient utensils

2017-05-10 14:31:34

An exhibition featuring traditional Chinese kitchen utensils is underway at the China Cultural Center in Paris.

China cultural center opens in Islamabad

2017-05-04 14:22:03

The China Cultural Center in Pakistan opened at the Pakistan National Council of Arts in Islamabad last Tuesday, serving as a new platform to promote cultural exchanges between the two countries.

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