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Yunjin's scintillating silks

Updated: 2024-01-27 10:08 ( China Daily )
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The Yunjin pieces, inspired by the traditional Chinese "Soaring Dragon" pattern, symbolize "the dragon soaring into the sky, bringing fortune across the oceans".[Photo provided to China Daily]

Jian Mingwei, executive director of the China Arts and Crafts Society and director of the Nanjing Yunjin Museum, says that the choice to move the premiere of the exhibition from Nanjing to Shanghai is not just because Shanghai is a fashion capital of the East, but also because of the grand blueprint for the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta. He expresses the hope that Yunjin culture will aid in the integration and development of the region.

Discussing the reasons behind curating the exhibition, Zu Hao, the director of the museum's publicity department, says that art should evolve with the times, and craftsmanship should lead fashion.

"By integrating with contemporary art, Yunjin has long been a benchmark of Chinese aesthetics. In modern times, it is even more essential to invigorate its vitality through innovation to continue the excellent core of traditional Chinese culture with orthodox methods and to showcase national cultural confidence," Zu says.

Li Min, one of the visitors to the exhibition, says: "Through this exhibition, I learned for the first time that no matter how complex the patterns are, Yunjin always feels flat to the touch, and because ostrich and peacock feathers are incorporated into the silk weaving, the details of Yunjin are always so varied and intricate."

Tian Zhi, a 24-year-old visitor, was amazed by the colors she saw. "The Yunjin silk threads are so beautiful. I really want to dye my hair these colors," she says with excitement.

The show continues until May 11, during which time the exhibits will be periodically updated.

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