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Yunjin's scintillating silks

Updated: 2024-01-27 10:08 ( China Daily )
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Nanjing Yunjin Museum extracts dragon patterns from various cultural relics and reinterprets them using Yunjin weaving techniques, creating artworks that better suit modern life.[Photo provided to China Daily]

Additionally, the exhibition features the debut of several new Yunjin art pieces. To celebrate the upcoming Year of the Dragon, a decorative brocade painting named Long Rui Qian Qiu (Longevity of the Dragon), is on display.

In it, a dragon majestically raises its head, as auspicious clouds and flames are interspersed around it, with lingzhi (glossy ganoderma) mushrooms on either side symbolizing wealth, auspiciousness and longevity. The pattern of sea and cliffs at the bottom represents the blessings of fortune as solid as a mountain, longevity as broad as the sea and eternal peace. And the lantern pattern above enhances the festive holiday atmosphere, while also conveying hopes for a bountiful harvest, joy and celebration throughout the world.

Also on exhibition are the Yunjin Adorned Flower Auspicious Garment, a re-creation of a historical garment, and Cranes in Harmony, an artwork given as a State gift.

The displays allow visitors a closeup appreciation of Yunjin, and a more direct understanding of its intangible craftsmanship and aesthetic essence.

Wang Jian, vice-president of the Jiangsu Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Association, says that the inheritance of Yunjin is the result of the efforts of many generations dedicated to its preservation.

"Seeing Yunjin leave Jiangsu for Shanghai is to witness its innovative transformation and creative development as part of the efforts of the Yunjin museum. This is a practical action to leverage Yunjin culture in facilitating the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region. We hope that this region will appreciate the beauty of Yunjin culture and develop even more closely together," Wang says.

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