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On the scent of success

Updated: 2023-10-12 08:00 ( CHINA DAILY )
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The outlook of the Bright Qi Hotels and Resort in Shandong. CHINA DAILY

The captivating fragrance is continuously diffused 24 hours a day, ensuring that regardless of the time you step into the lobby, you will always be greeted by the evocative scent.

For those wishing to carry this aromatic experience beyond their hotel stay, The Ritz-Carlton sells a black orchid reed diffuser, along with a selection of other classic fragrance products, through its online shops. This way, guests can bring their preferred scent into their own homes, ensuring the memory lingers long after their stay.

The power of scent in triggering memories is well-documented. Hotel fragrances are not limited to just making spaces smell pleasant; they aim to create an emotional connection.

According to Lu Haiqun, deputy general manager of operations for the high-star hotel division at Wanda Hotels and Resorts, they have crafted distinct fragrances for each of their sub-brands, aligning them with the brand's individual character and decor. For example, one bamboo-themed scent is a harmonious fusion of ginger flower and the refreshing, gentle aroma of green bamboo.

"The Wanda Scent Program not only aims to cultivate an aromatic and delightful ambiance but also to establish an additional distinctive olfactory signature," Lu says.

By captivating guests through these scents, the program aims to elicit emotion and forge enduring memories. It plays a pivotal role in fostering guest identification, bolstering loyalty to the hotel, and deepening comprehension of the brand's essence, he adds.

The selected areas for fragrance infusion include the hotel lobby and elevator waiting halls.

"Pure natural essential oils are atomized into fine, mist-like particles via specialized diffusion devices," Lu explains. "This process achieves a seamless integration of the essential oil's fragrance with the surrounding environment."

The concentration of the fragrance has also been carefully calculated, taking into consideration the hotel's design as well as factors such as wind direction and flow velocity to ensure the optimal concentration, he says.

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