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On the scent of success

Updated: 2023-10-12 08:00 ( CHINA DAILY )
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The farm at the Bright Qi Hotels and Resort in Shandong. CHINA DAILY

When tourists encounter this scent, they may find themselves transported to a forest or canyon, where the fragrance of rocks and wood permeates the air, she says.

"Our aim is to use fragrance to encourage them to explore the wilderness and foster a deeper connection with nature," she expresses.

This fragrance undergoes subtle shifts with the daily interplay of sunlight and changes according to humidity levels, resulting in nuanced variations that are perceived differently by each individual and its overall essence is profoundly soothing, Hu adds.

Hu has been working in the hotel industry for more than a decade, and has noticed that over the years customers have been raising their expectations for every detail, including fragrance.

The realm of hotel fragrances stands as a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction that luxury hotels hold in high regard. These fragrances are far more than just pleasant odors; they constitute an integral facet of the overall sensory journey that renders a stay at these establishments truly exceptional.

For example, Nuo Hotel in Beijing extended a special invitation to Christophe Laudamiel, a world-renowned master perfumer, to craft an exclusive fragrance under the hotel's brand-name. This distinctive aroma serves as a testament to the hotel's embodiment of Chinese elegance and its deep-rooted appreciation of tea culture.

A white-tea-themed fragrance emerges as a multifaceted scent, yet it encapsulates simplicity within its elegance and elevation. It evokes a touch of purity reminiscent of martial arts from the Shaolin Temple in Henan province, the essence and spirituality of Buddhism, and the exclusivity of white tea.

Meanwhile, upon entering the lobby of The Ritz-Carlton Tianjin, one is instantaneously immersed in the captivating essence of black orchid. This alluring fragrance, crafted by Antica Farmacista, a renowned luxury home fragrance brand based in Seattle, blends fresh floral notes with the warmth of benzoin, infused with the spicy allure of Baltic amber and patchouli.

Diverging from the common practice of placing aroma diffusers in hotel lobbies, this hotel has integrated its aroma diffuser system in the central air conditioning intake. This approach ensures that the fragrant liquid permeates the entire lobby through the air conditioning ducts, subsequently diffusing into various areas via the fresh air outlets.

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