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A singer on a journey of discovery

Updated: 2023-09-23 12:19 ( China Daily )
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Singer-songwriter Hua Chenyu at the 2023 Mars Concert CHINA DAILY

In addition, he also pushes the envelope of innovation in the design of his concerts. In 2021, he unveiled a creative concert format in Haikou, Hainan province, a daylong extravaganza that mirrored the vibrancy of an amusement park, running from dawn until dusk. Fans reveled not only in his melodies but also enjoyed gastronomic delights, libations, and wholesome entertainment.

This year at the Bird's Nest, Hua discarded the conventional three-sided stage in favor of a four-sided configuration, intensifying the demands placed on the performer. Every gesture, every nuance, lay exposed to the audience's gaze, unprotected by blind spots. His concert also showcased a lighting setup anchored by a load-bearing roof capable of supporting nearly 200 metric tons.

But the insatiable artist has much still to achieve. He confesses that the concert he envisions in his mind has yet to materialize fully. "I will spare no effort to present the Mars Concert in my imagination. I firmly believe that there exists ample room for improvement," he says.

Yan Bingjie contributed to this story.

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