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A singer on a journey of discovery

Updated: 2023-09-23 12:19 ( China Daily )
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Singer-songwriter Hua Chenyu at the 2023 Mars Concert CHINA DAILY

Recent years have borne witness to a shift in his repertoire, as his compositions increasingly delve into poignant societal themes. For instance, his performance of I Really Want to Love This World at the Bird's Nest concert sought to inspire those grappling with depression to emerge from the shadow

"In my earlier years, my musical expression was a manifestation of personal fervor," he says, reflecting upon this transformative journey. "But now, as I enter my 30s, I've noticed my audience spans various age ranges, even including young children. This expanding influence has ignited a profound sense of societal responsibility in me. I find myself pondering whether my work can serve as a source of solace, an aid to others in navigating their emotional tempests and resolving their quandaries during times of adversity."

He openly acknowledged his own experience of depression.

Zhu Xiaozhu, who was in the audience at the concert on Sept 9, says that Hua's music has been a spiritual support.

"As an adult, I often found myself in moments of solitude and anxiety. During those times, I turned to Hua's music. It wasn't just any music that made me happy, but music that made me feel understood, that someone empathized with me," she says.

The singer, who achieved fame at a young age, expressed his gratitude for the affection of his diverse fan base, and for the honors bestowed upon him. In 2020, he secured the coveted title of the singing reality show Singer, emerging as the competition's youngest-ever victor.

The path of musical mastery remains an unending journey of learning, marked by yearly phases of rapid growth. Whether composing songs, arranging music, or orchestrating concerts, Hua adheres to the doctrine of "crazily thinking and then crazily learning" within compressed time frames.

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