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Performance from Western Han Dynasty 'captured' in pottery

Updated: 2023-05-18 15:57 ( english.jinan.gov.cn )
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Photos show four pottery figurines performing acrobatics. The first two acrobatic figurines are doing handstands, while the other two are performing challenging acrobatic movements – one is bending backwards and the other is doing a move called "diaohua", which means twisting one's body to pick up a flower with the mouth. [Photo/Jinan Daily]


Behind the pottery performers is a band consisting of two female musicians playing the sheng, an ancient wind instrument from the Han Dynasty, and five male musicians playing percussion instruments like the chime. [Photo/Jinan Daily]


To the left of the acrobatic figurines are two fairy-like dancers performing the long-sleeve dance, which was popular during the Han Dynasty. The pottery dancers swing their sleeves up while bending their waists back, which is a signature move in this dance. [Photo/Jinan Daily]


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