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Molding the future of an ancient craft

Updated: 2022-12-01 07:35 ( China Daily )
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A Tongguan kiln porcelain plate featuring a poem.[Photo provided to China Daily]

To date, Liu has focused his attention on further tapping the ancient art's potential.

"I hope to promote the transformation of Tongguan kiln ceramics from collectors' items to more practical usage," he says.

He has successfully made a batch of ceramic jars for preserving the black tea from Anhua county, Hunan.

"They turned out to be very popular," he says.

Liu has also explored the integration of ceramics with local embroidery and silverware.

The idea is to have Tongguan kiln ceramics mix better into people's lives.

In addition, Liu has committed himself to publicizing the intangible cultural heritage.

He has produced more than 40 porcelain-making videos for his Douyin account, some of which have received more than 1 million views. Many of his 158,000 followers have shown strong interest in visiting Tongguan to appreciate its ancient charm.

Liu has also nurtured hundreds of apprentices, some of whom have followed him for more than two decades and have opened their own porcelain workshops.

Liu has turned his workshop into an internship facility to reach more children and young people.

To date, about 10,000 primary and middle school students have visited his studio to get a handson experience of Tongguan kiln porcelain.

"I hope the craft can find its way onto campuses and into classrooms, so more children will come to love it," Liu says.

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