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Argentine teacher espouses benefits of BRI

Updated: 2022-08-09 08:48 ( Xinhua )
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Currently, Zottele teaches Spanish at the School of Foreign Studies of Changzhou University in East China's Jiangsu province. He is also the deputy director of the Latin American Studies Center of the university. Since 2013, he has been carrying out research on the BRI.

To Zottele, the BRI is a good opportunity to help boost the development of Latin American countries.

"In recent years, a greater number of Latin American countries have joined China in constructing the BRI. As a result, Argentine companies can expand the market in China and improve commercial relations between the two nations," says Zottele.

Zottele adds that cultural differences should be recognized and cross-cultural interactions should be prioritized, so as to foster mutual understanding and trust among people of all countries.

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