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Pianist Gina Alice debuts album featuring Chinese music in N America

Updated: 2022-05-26 09:30 ( Xinhua )
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NEW YORK -- Pianist Gina Alice's first album Wonderworld, which featured Chinese well-known music, became physically available here in North America on Friday, according to a press release by Universal Music Group and the Lang Lang International Music Foundation.

The album has 28 tracks ranging from Western to Eastern music and from classical favorites to contemporary film soundtracks.

The album features Chinese works like Silver Clouds Chasing the Moon and The Dance of Waterweeds, as well as Merry-Go-Round and Opus from Japan, said the release.

The album has been available online for a few months and hit No. 1 on Amazon's Classical Chart on its first day for sale in Germany.

Gina Alice also launched a project "She's a Star" under the auspices of Lang Lang International Music Foundation.

Led by Gina Alice, the project is dedicated to creating and facilitating opportunities for young women and girls to discover their voices.

Born in 1994 in Wiesbaden, Germany, Gina Alice performed both in the West and East and has worked with Shenzhen Symphony and Guangzhou Symphony orchestras.

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