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Girl meets world

Updated: 2021-11-27 09:34 ( China Daily )
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Zhang takes a security course. WANG WEI/FOR CHINA DAILY

At present, in the domestic security industry, female bodyguards have gained a foothold. "With the rapid rise of China's economy, the demand for bodyguards is increasing day by day, and the professional requirements of housekeepers, bodyguards, drivers and other professions are becoming increasingly more stringent. Especially the rigid demands of female entrepreneurs and their families, they rely more on the services of a modern profession such as female bodyguards, and the employment of specially trained talents such as veterans and athletes has increased significantly," says Chen Yongqing, founder of the bodyguard training camp at Genghis Security Academy.

However, much to his regret, there are still too few female bodyguards, and "the industry norms for this new type of profession are not yet sound".

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