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Girl meets world

Updated: 2021-11-27 09:34 ( China Daily )
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In a five-star hotel in Beijing, Zhang Meili checks the safety of the dining environment to ensure that there are no hidden devices such as monitors. WANG WEI/FOR CHINA DAILY

After several special training camps for bodyguards at Genghis Security Academy in Beijing, Zhang Meili underwent training in hundreds of subjects, including striking, fighting, special driving, and intelligence reconnaissance. She gradually became a qualified female bodyguard and was thus hired by the academy as an instructor to teach security and defense training programs.

Female bodyguards have inherent disadvantages in terms of strength and endurance. They have to spend more effort and have a tougher time than the male bodyguards during training. It is commonplace to receive high-intensity training during their menstrual period. However, in Zhang's view, compared with male bodyguards, women also have many advantages: they are usually not very intimidating and can help thaw the atmosphere of the scene; they are sensitive, careful, and have a strong sense of defense; their movements are lighter and more dexterous.

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