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University programs aim to drive advances in healthcare industry

Updated: 2021-11-17 07:58 ( China Daily )
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An SCAD professor and immersive reality students work on a virtual reality project.[Photo provided to China Daily]

"We have integrated cutting-edge technologies into our curriculum, offering flexibility, collaboration and in-depth experience in the immersive reality industry," Fu said. "SCAD allows students to explore their interests in multiple art, design, and technical concentrations."

Immersive reality is one of the newest degree programs at SCAD.Since its inception in 2018, the program has quickly become very popular with students around the world. The program focuses on the development of entertainment applications in augmented reality and VR in the gaming and film industries, to visualization and simulation in architecture, interior design, and healthcare fields.

Helen Miao, a sophomore at SCAD majoring in art history with a focus on immersive reality, said the skills she has gained have helped prepare her to step into the industry. "SCAD offers outstanding extracurricular activities to further your skills including weekend workshops, guest presentations and lectures," Miao said. "These are all valuable resources that help build our networks of knowledge."

"The current demand for AR and VR in the healthcare industry has been eye-opening," added SuAnne Fu. "In our university's innovation design studio SCAD-pro, we have worked on projects using VR for medical rehabilitation and palliative care."

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