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Candid cameras

Updated: 2019-11-30 09:25:26

( China Daily )

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A Chinese tourist sits on the seaside of Faroe Islands in Europe. [PHOTO BY QIAN PIN/FOR CHINA DAILY]

A growing number of Chinese tourists, including honeymooners, share Cui's outlook. They are more willing to spend extra money on photo shoots when they travel abroad, rather than having to rely on selfies or snaps shot by their travel companions.

Chinese travel agencies have been quick to respond to this growing trend by offering a wider range of photo-related packages to the market.

They cooperate with photographers based in tourism spots around the world, who take tourists and newlyweds to must-see locations for photo shoots.

Online travel agency Fliggy reports it has seen a 240 percent annual rise in turnover in its photo-tourism products in 2018. This year, a 310 percent rise is expected.

In 2018, the number of photo-tourism packages female customers bought through Fliggy increased by a factor of five compared with 2017. The general rule appears to be the younger the customer, the greater the demand.

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