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Fengshui, an ancient art of placement

Updated: 2018-08-07 14:51:15

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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese science originating from over 3000 years ago. At the beginning it was called Kan Yu, denoting the monitoring of the activities of the forces between the Heaven and Earth, but ever since Qing dynasty the term Feng Shui has prevailed.

The Feng Shui counselors were reputable citizens of Chinese empire providing counsel to the emperors for centuries. Nowadays Feng Shui plays a significant role in the economies of prosperous countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. In order to ensure consistent and extensive well being there are entire cities and states built according to the principles of Feng Shui, and each family have their own Feng Shui master.

Feng Shui studies the energy circulation in nature as well as the effect of the living environment on people. The accumulated energy, or Qi, is invisible but omnipresent, affecting our existence with its power. On the one hand it can be particularly positive and beneficial, bringing us luck and wealth, or, on the other hand, not so positive, conveying hardships. Feng Shui can is simultaneously regarded as science and art. Our awareness of the measurable parameters of Feng Shui principle such as location, direction and time enables us to bring a person in balance with the place he or she lives in, in order to achieve a better, healthier, more quality and more successful living.

When we are able to distinguish the energies in our environment by the means of Feng Shui, we gain the information enabling us to choose to live in good locations, compatible to our personal energy, and letting us receive the positive Qi from the environment.

When we do not possess the Feng Shui knowledge it can all to easily happen that we–quite unintentionally–choose for ourselves a living environment bringing in unfavorable Qi, thus decreasing our chances to realize our potential and a quality life.

For centuries, the Chinese have been utilizing Feng Shui at their residential and business premises as an aid to help them achieve the desired well-being, success, happiness, health and longevity. A skilful application of Feng Shui can turn into a fascinating tool enabling us to reach and maintain the maximal living potential.

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