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Hoomii Singer Hugjiltu

Updated: 2015-10-09 13:51:31

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Passing down a National Treasure

Hugjiltu has noticed that an increasing number of foreigners are learning and performing Hoomii, which reinforces his determination to pass on this cultural heritage of his ethnic group. In 2006, he founded China’s first Hoomii association at his own expense, and began to recruit students and organize exchange and research events. With his efforts 12 sub-genres of Hoomii have been rediscovered.

In 2005 Hugjiltu founded a five-member ensemble called Sound of the Blue, and later produced the first Hoomii album in China, Sound from Heaven. In 2009, the ensemble participated in a Hoomii symposium and contest in Ulaanbaatar, and won third prize. Hugjiltu received a special honor from the Mongolian government for his contribution to the development and inheritance of culture and arts.

As chair of the Inner Mongolia Hoomii Association, Hugjiltu has a strong sense of purpose. “I am obliged to pass down this art to future generations,” he often reminds himself. “I suggest injecting modern elements into this ancient singing, such as blues and rock-and-roll. The appropriate splice of the old and the new can promote the legacy of traditional culture. Besides, Hoomii could be added into the curriculum of some conservatories so that systematic training is available to their students. All members of the public also have a part to play. Only in this way can a strong momentum be formed to ensure Hoomii goes down in history.”

The Inner Mongolia Hoomii Association regularly sponsors training courses and singing competitions. It also runs a website where fans can access Hoomii information, Hoomii news and a pool of professional Hoomii teachers. Hugjiltu is proud that hundreds of students have graduated from the association’s classes over the years. His goal is to nurture more Hoomii singers throughout the Inner Mongolian grasslands. “The grassland is the cradle of Hoomii singers,” he said.


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