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Village resort charming guests with ethnic culture

Updated: 2024-05-25 09:46 ( China Daily )
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Girls from the Yi ethnic group hold cups of tea to welcome visitors to Casasa Village Resort. [Photo provided to China Daily]

In southwestern Sichuan province, Casasa Village Resort lies in a forest on the Xiaoliang Mountain and features traditional Yi ethnic culture as its soul.

The resort is located in Fulai village, Mabian Yi autonomous county, Leshan city. The ancient village is home to the Yi ethnic group and the ethnic majority Han people. Its name, Casasa, means "thank you" in the Yi language.

Following the principle of reconstruction, the resort has used traditional materials and craftsmanship, and retained the original appearance of old buildings as much as possible.

It currently has seven courtyard houses, with sizes ranging from two to four bedrooms. Each has different features and is managed by a local villager, who has been trained to handle cleaning, maintenance and guest services, such as dining and reception.

These managers are well-versed in the Yi ethnic culture and can share stories with guests.

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