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Embroidery shows vibrant Tibetan techniques

Updated: 2024-05-14 07:27 ( China Daily )
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Lhamo Yudron offers guidance to local villagers on how to make Tibetan embroidery at her workshop. [Photo provided to China Daily]

So the first issue she had to address was the thread. "There were only about 20 colors of thread available locally, making it a bit difficult to achieve the desired color combinations," she says.

Lhamo Yudron traveled to cities like Beijing and Shanghai, scouring every corner in search of suitable materials. Eventually, she settled on the silk thread from Suzhou, Jiangsu province, which comes in over 1,000 colors.

With the support of local government, she has traveled across the country as well as to countries like Thailand, Nepal, and Iran to exhibit Tibetan embroidery.

"I consider turning Tibetan embroidery into a more popular handicraft, as it enables more people to understand and appreciate it," she says.

She still keeps two embroidered Tibetan mastiffs on display in her workshop.

One looks a bit pale in juxtaposition with the other one, which stands out for its glossy, lifelike fur. "They illustrate the progress made in Tibetan embroidery craftsmanship in recent years," she explains.

In 2011, some of her works were added to the collection of the Hainan prefecture museum.

Born of the belief that she needed to produce something that would create a brand for Tibetan embroidery, Lhamo Yudron has been working with her father since 2018 on a massive piece that is a meter wide and approximately 260 meters in length featuring the legendary ancient hero, King Gesar.

To guarantee the quality of the artwork, she and her father hired domestic experts and scholars to offer guidance to the painters, helping them draw over 200 sketches, before contracting 50 embroiderers to participate in the project.

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