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Legacy of Pu Xinyu: A Journey through art at Prince Kung's Palace Museum

Updated: 2024-05-02 10:52 ( chinaservicesinfo )
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A study and a painting are juxtaposed in the showcase to offer clues on Pu Xinyu's process of learning painting and the evolution of his final pieces. [Photo/chinaservicesinfo.com]

These works, encompassing paintings and calligraphy, in the forms of final pieces, studies, drafts and sketches, have been curated from six museums across China. They shed light on Pu's distinctive artistry, providing viewers insight into his artistic journey, showcasing his process of learning painting and the evolution of his final works.

Pu's contributions to painting, calligraphy, and poetry were widely acclaimed in Beijing and left a profound impact on the 20th-century art scene. He attained a stature comparable to as his contemporary Zhang Daqian (or Chang Dai-chien, 1899-1983), with whom he forged a friendship, earning the revered title of "Zhang from the South and Pu from the North" for their artistic prowess.

The works on display reflect Pu's mastery across various painting genres, including landscape, human figure, bird-and-flower, and equestrian art. Notably, among the 13 paintings loaned from the Hunan Museum, most are being unveiled to the public for the first time, making this exhibition a must-see.

A comprehensive package of permanent educational programs and curricula has been developed in conjunction with this exhibition.

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