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Photographers to spotlight Guizhou's engineering marvels

Updated: 2024-04-26 14:45 ( chinadaily.com.cn )
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Photos taken by Gregoire de Gaulle during a 2019 visit in Guizhou province. [Photo by Lin Qi/China Daily]

A distinguished collective of Chinese and French photographers is poised to embark on a journey to Guizhou, focusing their lenses on the awe-inspiring construction of the Huajiang Canyon Bridge, which ascends over 600 meters above the water's surface. Their photographic expedition will also encompass several other bridges that not only offer breathtaking vistas but also serve as testaments to the nation's remarkable achievements in bridge building and transportation infrastructure.

This esteemed team comprises renowned Chinese photographers such as Zhu Xianmin and Fan Zhenyin, whose evocative snapshots vividly capture the region's societal evolution and the lives of its inhabitants. Joining them is Gregoire de Gaulle, a seasoned photographer who has made multiple visits to the country since 1978.

The captivating photographs taken by this collective are currently on display at the He Art Museum in Beijing, where the launch ceremony for their forthcoming Guizhou expedition recently took place.

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