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Planting their way to prosperity

Updated: 2024-03-16 11:06 ( China Daily )
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Saplings are distributed to villagers for this year's tree-planting. [Photo/Xinhua]

To celebrate the 46th Tree-Planting Day, which fell on Tuesday, local officials led a tree-planting activity with the participation of villagers. Since implementing a 10-year tree program to improve the environment six years ago, thousands of peach, plum, pear and other fruit trees have been planted.

Now, as these trees start bearing fruit, the village's living environment is improving, laying the groundwork for the development of ecotourism.

Wuying means "beautiful brides" in the Miao language. In the past, girls born in the village had to work on their family farms instead of going to school because the community used to favor boys.

Things have changed. In March 2020, the local government launched night school programs to teach women Mandarin.

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