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Things you need to know about Chinese dragon

Updated: 2024-02-09 10:07 ( China Daily )
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Dragons are not only mythical but also mystical in Chinese culture. They convey strength, wisdom and good fortune. In ancient times, the dragon was regarded as a divine being capable of controlling the weather and bringing rain.

People worshiped and revered dragons, praying for favorable winds and abundant harvests. Dragons were prominently featured on a wide array of everyday objects, serving as powerful symbols that embodied the people's profound aspirations and hopes.


In a 12th-century piece of writing, a dragon is described as having
outstanding features of other animals.The traditional description gives it:
The antlers of a deer
The talons of an eagle
The paws of a tiger
The neck
of a snake
The belly of a sea-monster
The forehead of a camel
The scales of a fish
The ears of an ox

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