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Layue, a joyful celebration in the run-up to Spring Festival

Updated: 2024-01-12 09:51 ( CGTN )
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An undated photo shows a bowl of Laba porridge.[Photo/CGTN]

Layue, the twelfth month of the traditional Chinese calendar, officially commences on Thursday. The Chinese character "La" holds historical significance, appearing in ancient texts such as Book of Changes and Rites of Zhou. Originally, "La" meant "cured meat."

Layue is also renowned as the month with the richest traditional customs of the twelve months of the year.

The eighth day of Layue marks the Laba Festival, popular in northern China. The custom on this day is to savor Laba porridge, which is also known as "Seven Treasures Five Flavors Porridge" or "Buddha Porridge." It is a delightful concoction of grains, peanuts, chestnuts, red dates, lotus seeds, and other ingredients – all of which combine to make it a staple of the Laba Festival.

In the northern part of China, there is a saying, "Children, don't be too eager, right after Laba, the new year is on its way." Celebrating Laba signifies the commencement of the Chinese New Year.

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