Khaen music of the Lao people


The khaen music of the Lao people is played with a mouth organ that resembles panpipes but made with bamboo tubes of varying lengths, each with a metal reed.

The Ploughing Festival in Thailand


At the beginning of each year's rainy season in May, the Thai royal family holds the traditional Ploughing Ceremony to pray for favorable weather and good harvest, attracting many people.

Malay Silat


Silat is a combative art of self-defence and survival rooted in the Malay Archipelago.

Singapore Science Festival: Sparking children’s scientific dreams


Science Centre Singapore can never be skipped when we talk about science festival activities in Singapore.

Practices of Then in Viet Nam


Then, an essential ritual practice in the spiritual life of the Tày, Nùng and Thái ethnic groups in Viet Nam, reflects concepts about human beings, the natural world and the universe.

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