An icy path to pastures new
Exhibition: Remembering painter Zhang Ding
Spring returns to land as temperature rises
Plum blossoms bloom in rain in Xuyi
Love stories depicted on Dunhuang murals
Mandarin ducks at Xinanjiang River a sign of improving conditions

Dance drama 'Tales of the Silk Road' wows Frankfurt

Dance drama Tales of the Silk Road was performed in Frankfurt in Germany, on Feb 18, attracting about 2,000 audience numbers.

Music with meaning

If you take Walt Disney's Zootopia and American musical La La Land and put them together to make a film, it may look like Sing, which hit cinemas on the Chinese mainland on Feb 17.

Two Chinese books among 'most beautiful' in the world

Two Chinese books have been named the most beautiful book designs in the world in Germany recently.

Chinese ballet dancers bring Red Army legend to Australia

The Red Detachment of Women was performed by dancers from the National Ballet of China in Melbourne, Australia, from Feb 15 to 18.

TV program 'Readers' rekindles passion for literature across China

Cultural TV programs have experienced a come-back at the start of the Chinese New Year. Two weeks after the conclusion of the hit show Chinese Poetry Competition, a new program, Readers, has become a nationwide sensation.


Master's stroke

In 1931, master painter Qi Baishi received an artwork from Lin Fengmian, a fellow artist and then-principal of the Hangzhou Fine Arts School (now the China Academy of Art) in the country's east.