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Photo exhibition showcases Chinese landscape in Sydney
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Variety Show: The Oriental Beauty in Blossom

Exhibition showcases Shaanxi's intangible cultural heritage in Sydney

An exhibition on intangible cultural heritage from Shaanxi province was launched by the China Cultural Center in Sydney on Nov 19.

Israeli singer connects with China through music

Israeli singer Gilad Segev has been spending the past several months working on a project that combines two of his passions - music and China.

Pinning hope on winter's tales

Theater operators in China look to the remaining weeks of 2020 to deliver their Hollywood ending, Xu Fan reports.

Cultural relics tell story of civilization

For Xu Wenrong, 85, founder of Hengdian World Studios, the nation's rich cultural relics are not only the "living fossils" of Chinese civilization, but also the symbols of exchange between civilizations.

Pianist's ringing endorsement of Wuhan's bravery

Swiss-born Chinese pianist and composer Melodie Zhao began studying the piano at age 3, held her first stage performance at age 6, and has been holding master classes since age 14.


Palace Museum, orchestra join hands for concerts on Chinese festivals

The Palace Museum, also known as the Forbidden City, and China National Traditional Orchestra joined hands to present concerts highlighting Chinese festivals.