Rural idyll gives village a natural advantage
Pingyang's wetland a paradise for birds
Artistic manhole covers grace streets of Wuhan
Blooming bluebonnets add a touch of romance to Kunming
Online exhibition celebrates vitality of youth art
British Columbia brings its breathtaking natural beauty to China
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Biography paints author in bearable lightness

Writer Milan Kundera's fascinating books and life examined in new work.

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An inspiring journey

New TV program explores the ongoing creative influence of Chairman Mao Zedong's talks at the Yan'an Conference on Literature and Art in 1942, and the 'Yan'an spirit' they fostered.

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Small art, big picture

Painting on the back of antigen kits helps develop a sense of creativity.


Yungang Grottoes saved for the nation and people to enjoy for years to come

Preserving a historical and cultural heritage site that was created more than 1,500 years ago would be a challenge in any country, but China has fulfilled the task in the case of the Yungang Grottoes in Shanxi province, thanks to the efforts of researchers in recent decades.

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Pianist Gina Alice debuts album featuring Chinese music in N America

Pianist Gina Alice's first album Wonderworld, which featured Chinese well-known music, became physically available here in North America on Friday, according to a press release by Universal Music Group and the Lang Lang International Music Foundation.


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Hsiung Ping-ming, born in Nanjing and lived in France for 55 years until his death, taught Chinese culture, philosophy and calligraphy for decades at the Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations of the New Sorbonne University in Paris.