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Cultural Exchange

Online exhibition features Chinese artist in Sydney

The China Cultural Center in Sydney launched an online exhibition, The Fragrance of Spirit, on Thursday. The exhibition features about 40 works from Jiang Weiling, a Chinese artist.


UNESCO-listed rice terraces wed tradition and transformation

The terraced fields in Yuanyang county of Yunnan province made it onto the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2013.


Question of life and death

A TV documentary looks at the terrible dilemmas families often face when loved ones enter their final days, Wang Qian reports.


Expert sees gain in UK-China partnership in higher education

LONDON-British technical universities can engage with China to support the development of the next phase in China's higher education environment, says a British university principal.


Focus on the ordinary

Artist uses universal language to tell intriguing stories of everyday life, Deng Zhangyu reports.