Cultural inheritance through nut carving
BRI-themed exhibition opens in NZ
Chinese fashion show held in Moscow
Snow scenery in China in early winter
Tianjin hosts dancing in midair contest
Art in minutes with dough figurines

Chinese acrobatic troupe performs in 2018 Fiji Showcase Xmas Special

The Fiji Showcase attracts nearly 100,000 people each year in the capital city of Suva. This year's event was a special one due to the unusual time of the year. The Xmas Special gave everyone a chance for one-stop shopping for Christmas, as well as the opportunity to enjoy the food, rides and local

Time Magazine announces Person of the Year 2018

Time magazine announced the "Person of the Year", which attracts much attention across the world, on Tuesday.

First China-Rwanda Friendship Cup Photo Contest launched in Beijing

The launch ceremony of the first China-Rwanda Friendship Cup Photo Contest was recently held at Rwanda’s embassy in Beijing.

Chinese designer explains his philosophy at symposium in India

Chinese designer Liang Jianguo says:“Design is based on 20 percent of the past, 50 percent of the present, and 30 percent of the future.”

New TV show promotes traditional culture

In a bid to elevate traditional performers to star status among the nation's youth, Wang Ning has launched a TV talent show with a twist, "The Chinese Youth".


Different side of the harp

While the harp often seems to be enveloped in an aura of serenity and mystique, Chinese harpist, Sun Shimeng, is committed to introducing a livelier type of harp music to China.


Theatre program