New Year lanterns add festive mood to N China's Yuxian
Museum hosts show of Sino-French 'craftsman spirit'
Laba Rice Porridge Festival welcomes overseas students
New archaeological discoveries in China from 2018
Dough figurines of pigs greet Chinese New Year
Hollywood blockbusters look to Chinese culture

Chinese New Year concert held in South Korea

Artists perform at the China-South Korea Friendship Concert at the Sejong Grand Theater in Seoul on Jan 12, 2019.

China ranks second in tourism revenue

China has continued to rank second in overall tourism revenue, after the United States, annually over the 2012-19 period, according to a world-tourism-economy report released by the Beijing-based World Tourism Cities Federation and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ Tourism Research Center on J

2019 Happy Chinese New Year kicks off

The happy atmosphere of the upcoming Spring Festival will spread worldwide, thanks to a major cultural program called Happy Chinese New Year.

Hee-Young Lim: An unexpected journey of a cellist

Hee-Young Lim, a Korean cellist, launched her first CD French Cello Concertos last November. Now she is tapping into the classical music world in China.

A voice for the people

A new book offers an insight into former vice-foreign minister Fu Ying's time as a spokeswoman for the National People's Congress, Fang Aiqing reports.


What's on in Beijing (Jan 12-18)

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