Dragons captured by photographers' lenses
Photographer records wildlife with passion
"Sharing China" Spring Festival Image Exhibition
Legacies longer than lifetimes
A land where horses capture the imagination
Chinese lanterns illuminate 'Lanternia' festival in Cassino, Italy

Iconic teahouse is a light show to cherish

The Helou Xuan, a bamboo house in Fangta Park in suburban Shanghai's Songjiang district, was named an outstanding example project for the protection of architectural heritage in Shanghai in 2023 by the municipal authorities of cultural relics protection.

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Movie gets theatergoers all gloved up

Recent box-office hit YOLO fuels a national surge in popularity for the sport of boxing, He Qi reports in Shanghai.

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More Chinese have the stomach to face life-changing gastric surgery

More than 30,000 cases of metabolic and bariatric surgery, or MBS, which helps to reduce food consumption and aids weight loss by reducing stomach size and, in some cases, by rerouting part of the patient's digestive system, were performed in China last year.


Journey to the West gets modern touch

The Shanghai Dramatic Art Center's new adaptation of Journey to the West casts female actors in the two lead roles: the pilgrim monk Xuanzang and his first disciple, the Monkey King.


'Dry boat' helps keep tradition afloat

In Jiangshi village in Xiaojiafang town, Xie Kelong was busy preparing the bamboo needed to make the village's distinctive dry dragon boat ahead of the Lantern Festival.


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Sketches are artists' attempt to roughly delineate a subject, and often help them to later complete a larger painting in the studio.