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River's tales

The National Museum and China Three Gorges Corp are jointly presenting an exhibition on the Yangtze.

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Dialects and the city

Featuring region-specific linguistic practices, box-office dark horse B for Busy is putting neighborhood life in Shanghai in the frame.

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Children's theater

New stage adaptation of Flowers in the Mirror incorporates ideas from its young cast members and presents the story from their perspective.

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From sword to word, singer cuts a dash

Powerful lyrics have a profound message for young music fans to pursue their dreams and take on the world.


Exhibition showcases Winter Olympic culture in Norway

A picture exhibition of the Beijing Winter Olympics kicked off at the Norwegian Olympic Museum in Lillehammer, Norway, on Jan 19, two weeks before the Beijing Winter Olympics.


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Over 160 sports-themed artworks are on show at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing in a warm up for the upcoming Winter Olympics.