Virtual Tours in China
Photo exhibition showcases Chinese landscape in Sydney
Exhibition reflects on contemporary Chinese art scene
Hastings Blossom Parade attracts tens of thousands in New Zealand
Tibetan glory: 55 years and growing
Variety Show: The Oriental Beauty in Blossom

Online exhibition introduces thangka to South Korea

The China Cultural Center in Seoul launched an online exhibition showing Chinese thangka works on its website.

New Zealand boys learn to make traditional Chinese food

Boys from Wellesley College are making spring rolls, a traditional Chinese food, at a workshop. The China Cultural Center in Wellington invited local Chinese chefs to teach the students to make the snacks in Wellington, New Zealand.

Reel treat for audience

Movie portraying struggle of father to catch a brief glimpse of daughter is shot using fast-disappearing technique as director focuses on framing a work that sees things differently.

Art in giving wisdom

Rong Geng (1894-1983), a scholar of Chinese paleography, educator and connoisseur of antiquities, is little known to the general public. However, his extensive studies of ancient Chinese writings and his former collection of archaic oracle bones and bronzes continue to enrich people's cultural life.

Virtually famous in real life

It seemed like just another talent show when China Central Television unveiled photos of 36 contestants for Bravo Youngsters on Nov 19.But a closer look reveals one woman who's a bit different from the others.


Palace Museum, orchestra join hands for concerts on Chinese festivals

The Palace Museum, also known as the Forbidden City, and China National Traditional Orchestra joined hands to present concerts highlighting Chinese festivals.