Veteran Guangdong painter donates works to national art museum
An African point of view
Blooming spring tulips brighten up Gansu
Chinese calligraphy, ink painting on exhibition in National Museum of Australia
Beijing festival to bring international arts to the capital
Wudang Mountain attracts foreign martial arts apprentices

UK to show green innovation at 2019 Beijing Expo

The UK will have a major presence at the 2019 Beijing Expo, where it will exhibit the latest in UK innovation and garden design.

Digital reading gains momentum as mainstream among Chinese

The newly released national reading report of China has shown that digital reading gained more momentum last year as the mainstream among Chinese people.

Window to the world

Keen to build on the success of hit series like Blue Planet, BBC Studios has unveiled plans for five new natural-history shows scheduled to air in China.

Double vision

An intriguing exhibition shows the work of two Asian fashion photographers.

New generations tune in to Nanyin

Allure of ancient music form reverberates again as it strikes a chord with young people.