Farmers busy picking lilies in Weihai
Female painter's works on show unveil intimate, leisurely world
Photographer captures Tajiks in remote highland
Painting exhibition captures idyllic beauty of Dali
Paintings on show hail all things beautiful
Show displays China's ancient mural painting

The cauldrons of history

Two ancient Ding treasures, saved from turmoil, are reunited for a major exhibition, Zhang Kun reports in Shanghai.

Hot Issue

Experimental theater explores robot-human relationship

Working with chief director Yang Le, architect Zhang Jiyuan and artist Qiu Yu, Gao, serving as the executive director, spent four years to create the experimental drama, Spectacle, which recently debuted during the 2021 Overseas Chinese Town Culture and Tourism Festival.


Traditional Han clothing a major hit among Generation Z

According to a report by Chinese consulting agency iiMedia Research, the number of hanfu enthusiasts in the country will have surged from 2.04 million in 2018 to 6.89 million by the end of this year, with over 70 percent of the fans being Generation Z-ers aged between 16 and 24.


A role model for the ages

Whether it's the story of a modern-day photographer, an ancient warrior or the life of a Party hero, highly decorated actor Li Xuejian continues to promote Chinese culture and values through his on-screen performances, Xu Fan reports.


Fast-moving words

The world of online literature in China is bursting with writers and readers, Yang Yang reports.


What's on

The late ink artist Li Huasheng had once wished for his artworks to be exhibited alongside the works of Inoue Yuichi, a Japanese artist whose experimental approach to art greatly inspired him.