Lantern Festival: A romantic celebration in China
Antiquity exhibition spotlights China's rich fragrance culture
Sichuan intangible cultural heritage showcased in Wellington
Liangcuo historic and cultural district becomes holiday attraction
Masters of the purple clay
Classic Japanese woodblock prints to be shown in Beijing

Festive China: Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of the first month on Chinese lunar calendar, which is Feb 26 this year. Its arrival also marks the end of Spring Festival celebrations.


New Zealand's capital gets taste of Chinese cuisine to mark festival

The China Cultural Center in Wellington, New Zealand, showcased the culture of Chinese cuisine to a group of Mandarin learners from the local government on Feb 24.

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Lighting up a special time

Lantern Festival events bring friends and families together across the country in a unique celebration of culture and tradition marked by fascinating and imaginative illuminations.


Confucius Museum keeps tradition alive

The art and significance of Chinese intangible culture are taking on new forms to enhance modern life and are consequently gaining new fans.


Exhibition celebrates ox's role in culture

Beijing art exhibition celebrates the ox's role in Chinese culture.