Kite cheering for China soars high in New Zealand
French photographer captures Beijing street scenes in unusual time
Artwork by children offers inspiring message to fight virus
Four cities in Germany celebrate Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year celebrations held in Wellington, New Zealand
Tai chi practice for Chinese New Year celebration in Sao Paulo

Renowned Chinese musician dedicates new composition to fighting coronavirus outbreak

The premiere of renowned Chinese musician Tan Dun's new composition, "Sound Pagoda -- The 12 Sounds of Wuhan," was performed by the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra in the Queen Elizabeth Hall here on Saturday.

Folk art helps inspire fight against outbreak

Artist Liu Lanfang is known for bringing Yue Fei, a patriotic military commander of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), back to life with pingshu, a traditional art form of storytelling.

Bolivian children express support for China against outbreak

Although China and Latin America are far away, they share the same feelings. People in Latin America are showing they care about the novel coronavirus outbreak in China. In some countries, children are picking up markers or crayons to depict their support and encouragement for China through drawings

Teachers, students at Pakistani Confucius Institutes cheer on China against virus

Inspiring, loving messages from Pakistanis are pouring in, donations are being sent and Pakistani medical workers are volunteering to help out in Wuhan, epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Bangladeshis cheer for Chinese people in battle against epidemic

Recently, a booth named China Book House at a book fair in Bangladesh attracted many local people who came to read books about China and wrote comforting words to support Chinese people in their fight against coronavirus outbreak.


Dream collection on show

An exhibition examining the cultural legacy of Cao Xueqin's literary masterwork Dream of the Red Chamber is now available at the National Museum of China website, Lin Qi reports.