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Live: Celebrate Spring Festival in fascinating Shanghai (18:00, Feb 23)

2021-02-23 13:36

East China's Shanghai is an inclusive city where East meets West and a fascinating culture is developed.

Live: Celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year in tropical style (18:00, Feb 22)

2021-02-22 16:20

Tianya Haijiao, or the Corner of the Earth, is a romantic scenic spot in Hainan where lovers travel to marry every year and many newlyweds spend part of their honeymoon.

Live: Chinese New Year celebrations in Hangzhou (18:00, Feb 21)

2021-02-21 15:20

Hangzhou, the capital city of East China's Zhejiang province, is full of history and attractions.

Live: Celebrate Chinese New Year in Cantonese style (18:00, Feb 20)

2021-02-20 14:32

As China's third-largest city, Guangzhou boasts some of the world's tallest buildings, Pearl River scenery and luxury shopping malls.

Live: Chinese New Year celebrations in Zhengzhou city (18:00, Feb 19)

2021-02-19 16:57

The crew of "All about Chinese New Year" has reached their next stop, Zhengzhou city, the capital city of Central China's Henan province.

Live: Chinese New Year celebrations in Xi'an city (18:00, Feb 18)

2021-02-19 16:56

How are people in Northwest China's Xi'an city celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year?

Live: Chinese New Year celebrations in NE China's Harbin (18:00, Feb 17)

2021-02-19 16:56

Join us to celebrate the Spring Festival in Northeast China's Harbin city on February 17.

Live: All About Chinese New Year in SW China's Chengdu (18:00, Feb 16)

2021-02-19 16:55

Join us to feel the taste of Spring Festival in Southwest China's Chengdu city.

China-Thailand concert celebrates Year of the Ox (17:00, Feb 12)

2021-02-09 14:04

The Chinese Embassy in Bangkok invites you to celebrate the first day of the Year of the Ox with an online concert performed by musicians from the China National Symphony Orchestra and Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra!

Chords of the New Year: Spring Festival Symphony Orchestra Concert (18:00-18:45, Feb 11)

2021-02-07 10:00

The Chords of the New Year·Spring Festival Symphony Concert is divided into three segments: Spring Festival Overture,the Chinese Sights and Soundssuite, and classical Western pieces, comprising eight instrumentals based on traditional Chinese folksongs and two classical Western pieces.

National dance drama Follow The Mother River (20:00-20:25, Feb 10)

2021-02-07 09:00

Starting from the story of the ecological environment protection in the source area of the Yellow River, the play shows the harmonious coexistence of local people and nature.

2021 China and Russia Happy Chinese New Year online concert (19:00, Feb 10)

2021-02-07 08:30

The 2021 China and Russia Happy Chinese New Year online concert will be livestreamed on Feb 10 at 7:00 pm (GMT+8), featuring the Bolshoi Theatre Chamber Orchestra and Beijing Symphony Orchestra, performing from the Chamber Hall of Zaryadye Concert Hall and the concert hall of the National Centre for the Performing Arts.

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