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Opera on A Dream of Red Mansions

2015-06-29 06:43

In March 2007, when David Gockley, the artistic director of San Francisco Opera, visited Beijing, he went to the National Center for the Performing Arts, which was still under construction.

Ghost sweeps into Beijing

2015-06-29 06:43

Ghost, the musical, will be enjoyable for people who loved the 1990 film and those who are new to the story.

Jonnie To reunites with Chow Yun Fat and Sylvia Chan for latest movie

2015-06-25 10:05

Legendary filmmaker Jonnie To has reunited with Chow Yun Fat and Sylvia Chang for his latest movie 'Office'.

New bounce for hong kong

2015-06-25 07:41

The island's flagging film industry is ready to capitalize on the hungry mainland market, Xu Fan reports.

Chen Kaige's kung fu movie on 3-D screens

2015-06-24 10:04

The Chinese movie, Monk Comes Down the Mountain, will be released in 3-D formats for IMAX screens soon, its director Chen Kaige told a media conference in Shanghai.

Inventor tackles lobsters, vegetables on path to patents

2015-06-22 10:44

When summer comes around, people like to gather with friends after work to eat lobster and drink beer. Behind the scenes of the seasonal feasting, a 65-year-old entrepreneur has been busily making it easier to cook the crustaceans.

Trailer for Kung Fu Panda 3 Released

2015-06-21 15:11

The first trailer has been released for Kung Fu Panda 3.

Renowned Chinese filmmaker Xie Tieli dies

2015-06-20 15:34

Renowned Chinese film director Xie Tieli has died at the age of 90 in Beijing on Friday.

China cinema boom excites Shanghai film festival

2015-06-19 14:37

The sense of excitement at the Shanghai International Film Festival is understandable -- these are boom times for the Chinese film industry, as cinema box office soars and capital pours in.

HK movie star wants young blood to revive Cantonese Opera

2015-06-19 07:39

When Hong Kong actor Law Kar-ying appears in public, his physique and mannerisms usually remind people of a role he played in the 1994 movie A Chinese Odyssey.

Screen time

2015-06-19 07:39

Swiss luxury watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre is sponsoring the 18th Shanghai International Film Festival.

Tang enchantress Yangin cinemas in July

2015-06-18 08:02

Yang Yuhuan, a Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) concubine, famed for her good looks and the attention she received from Emperor Xuanzong, is now the subject of a big-screen project.

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