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Military doctor came of age on battlefield

2015-08-13 07:24

For Dong Bingkun, becoming a military doctor for the Red Army was not initially his choice of a life path, but he doesn't regret it.

Legendary Monkey King on stamps

2015-08-13 05:00

With the recent box office hit Monkey King: Hero is Back, the ancient superhero has returned under the spotlight. Here, we provide some of the most memorable stamps of the superhero from different periods and regions.

Traditional woodblock printing declining in Fujian

2015-08-12 15:07

Jianyang was historically one of the three main printing centers, but now the art of traditional woodblock printing is slowly declining.

Exhibition hall of intangible cultural heritage kicks off in N China

2015-08-12 14:39

Visitors look at objects used in a traditional music concert at the new exhibition hall of intangible cultural heritage in Hongqiao district of Tianjin, North China, Aug 11, 2015.

Gold and silver ware exhibition of Palace Museum held in Beijing

2015-08-12 14:17

A visitor views items displayed during the gold and silver ware exhibition of the Palace Museum at the Olympic Tower in China's capital Beijing, Aug 11, 2015.

Regional artists show their outlook on life

2015-08-12 13:57

Parkview Green Art Taipei's first exhibition, titled Spiritual Field, teams up artists from the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and South Korea, who communicate different approaches to life and art.

580 years later, imperfect porcelain arrives at Forbidden City

2015-08-12 09:31

Some 160 pieces of porcelain deemed not good enough for China's royal court and shattered 580 years ago have finally made their way to the Forbidden City.

China says no to 'harmful' lyrics

2015-08-12 08:15

One hundred and twenty Chinese songs that contain lyrics promoting "obscenity, violence, crime or that harm social morality", are banned online, according to an order released by the Ministry of Culture on Aug 10.

Photo contest illuminates spirit of traditional villages

2015-08-12 08:00

Ten winners from Beijing will join another 40 competitors from other areas of China in an ongoing photography contest to shoot images that best represent the nostalgic mood for Chinese traditional villages.

Palace Museum opens Olympic Park exhibit

2015-08-12 07:50

The Palace Museum, also known as the Forbidden City, houses 1.8 million cultural relics, but only a fraction of these are displayed to public.

FotoPlace CEO: Live your life in a movie

2015-08-12 07:16

After FotoPlace produced the maga heat for movie mode photos in Wechat, the founder Yang Liu said, her intention was not to make the Chinese Instagram, but something different.

A peek into the traditional brewing technique of baijiu

2015-08-11 18:06

Most people know Luzhou Laojiao as one of the top liquors of China, but the century-old liquor enterprise is much more than that.

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