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Bronze may prove ancient love of hot pot

2015-11-11 07:48

A bronze pot containing chestnuts, unearthed in a 2,000-year-old tomb may prove the popularity of hot pot cuisine among ancient aristocrats.

China's cliffside Hanging Temple under revamp

2015-11-10 17:03

North China's Shanxi province is revamping an ancient temple known for its perilous perch on a sheer cliff to protect it from falling rocks.

Unearthed bronzeware unveils ancient love for hot pot

2015-11-10 16:50

The discovery of a bronze pot containing chestnuts, unearthed in a 2,000-year-old tomb, may further prove the popularity of China's hot pot cuisine among ancient aristocrats.

Confucius cemetery mapped for better management

2015-11-10 15:58

Managers of the cemetery holding the remains of Confucius and his descendants have begun using a new electronic system mapping the site and keeping tabs on visitors.

Photography show preserves culture via creative lenses

2015-11-10 15:49

A photo show titled Discovering the Beauty of the Silk Road opened on Saturday in Lanzhou. It presents magnificent landscapes, Buddha sculptures and customs of different ethnic groups in northwestern China's Gansu province.

Chinese collector splurges big on a Modigliani nude painting

2015-11-10 15:25

Chinese collector Liu Yiqian spent $170.4 million on a Modigliani nude painting at Christie's in New York on Monday, a new record for a Modigliani piece.

Online becoming go-to market for Chinese art lovers

2015-11-10 13:44

As the Internet develops, opening antique shops and buying artworks online are not news nowadays.

Palace Museum sees a surge of tourists in off-season

2015-11-10 13:36

The number of visitors to the Palace Museum in Beijing has increased by more than 200,000 people in less than a month after the National Day holidays, according to museum on Sunday.

Watch designed by 'piano prince' Lang Lang expects to come out next March

2015-11-10 10:23

Combining classical music with the luxury timepiece, the renowned Chinese pianist Lang Lang has offered his talent to a Swiss watch maker.

Artistic handkerchiefs raise money to plant trees in Inner Mongolia

2015-11-10 09:36

1,900 sets of handkerchiefs designed by noted Chinese artists were sold out at a charity event in Beijing, and all the proceeds will be used to plant trees  in the Inner Mongolia .

Bitten by the art bug

2015-11-10 08:21

An exhibition of works by surrealist Dali in Shanghai is drawing big crowds as the city's residents develop a growing passion for work by great Western artists.

Vehicles unearthed in Western Han Dynasty cemetary

2015-11-09 17:09

Vehicles and sacrificed horses were found in a tomb in Nanchang city in East China's Jiangxi province, the first tomb excavated south of the Yangtze River with real vehicles.

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