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Artist reveals intense feelings in painted sketches

2015-11-18 15:14

Contemporary artist Fang Lijun's solo exhibition in Beijing showcases his dozen ink sketches, which he paints to record instant thoughts and emotions when he travels and meets people. The works reveal his continuous attention not to specific social phenomena but individual bitter feelings.

Ginkgo trees shed their leaves to attract visitors

2015-11-18 15:12

In earlier winter, the leaves of Ginko trees on a road near the Diaoyutai State Cuesthouse in Beijing turn yellow, and attract lots of tourists.

Honghe Cultural Art Festival closes in SW China

2015-11-18 14:44

The five-day Honghe Cultural Art Festival closed in Mengzi City, Southwestern China's Yunnan province, on Tuesday.

For unseasoned expats, finding jobs in China gets harder

2015-11-18 14:18

"The key to get a job in China – online or offline, really is, to be good at something and show them what you've got," said Nick, an editor employed by a state news agency this year through social networking.

Snatch a moment of leisure in Lijiang ancient town

2015-11-18 13:38

Lijiang ancient town was listed as a world cultural heritage site by the UNESCO in 1997.

Dian opera troupe concealed in Kunming food market

2015-11-18 13:25

Audiences watch a performance of the traditional Dian Opera, Li Yuan rescuing a snake, on the third floor of a food market in Kunming, capital of Southwest China's Yunnan province, Nov 17, 2015.

Digital archive to be created for ancient sculpture grottoes

2015-11-18 11:03

Chinese researchers are taking digital inventory of a collection of ancient sculptures and artwork at the Maijishan Grottoes in Northwest China's Gansu province, local relics protection authorities said.

Wuyishan Mountain holds zen-tea cultural festival

2015-11-18 10:00

Buddhist leaders and representatives from the circles of culture, business and tea art across the Taiwan Straits and from overseas attended the Wuyishan Dahongpao International Zen-Tea Cultural Festival at Wuyi Mountain, Fujian province, Nov 17, 2015.

Gold coins, hoofs found in 2,000-year-old Chinese tomb

2015-11-18 09:21

Chinese archaeologists on Tuesday discovered 75 gold coins and hoof-shaped ingots in an aristocrat's tomb that dates back to the Western Han Dynasty.

Peking Opera by the book

2015-11-18 08:30

A full year of formal documentation of traditional Chinese opera has passed. Researchers are still studying and translating material from PalaceMuseum archives.

Return of fresco art

2015-11-18 08:00

The boom of public art during China's urbanization has re-ignited artists' interest in creating frescoes.

Symphony of tea

2015-11-17 15:40

Beijing Symphony Orchestra performed under the baton of renowned conductor Tan Lihua, bringing a symphonic work, titled Trulyhoma, at the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing on Nov 15.

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