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50 galleries represented at 'Photo Shanghai'

2015-09-16 16:04

Celebrity portraits were among the 500 photos on sale at the Shanghai Exhibition Center over the weekend.

50th Defense Day of Pakistan commemorated in China

2015-09-16 15:14

The 50th Defense Day and solidarity with martyrs was commemorated today at the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing with enthusiasm and solemnity paying homage to the martyrs of the 1965 War.

When Snuff Bottles saved Quju Opera

2015-09-16 15:04

Twenty years ago, when composer Dai Yisheng, along with scriptwriter Zhang Yonghe and director Gu Wei, created Snuff Bottles, a Quju Opera work produced by Beijing Quju Opera Troupe, she didn't expect that the show would save Quju Opera, a local operatic form developed in the 1950s in Beijing, from extinction.

Masters of intangible cultural heritages in China

2015-09-16 15:02

On the occasion of the Exhibition of Chinese traditional craftsmanship, masters of intangible cultural heritages brought their unique skills and presented the stunning works to the public.

Beijing opens auction season for relics

2015-09-16 14:44

Beijing launched its third annual autumn auction season for cultural relics on Wednesday.

Sculpture and paintings in perfect harmony

2015-09-16 14:41

"The Masters of Shapes and Colors", an exhibition in Beijing combining Chinese paintings and French sculpture, is the first co-exhibit between the two artists and marks a cultural exchange between the countries.

National treasures become the focus of Silk Road exhibition

2015-09-16 14:38

Priceless national treasures are among the historic relics in a new exhibition that kicked off Tuesday at the China National Silk Museum in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province.

A glimpse of Orange Isle in Changsha

2015-09-16 14:37

Let's take a glimpse of Orange Isle in Changsha, capital of Hunan province in Central China.

Ancient cliff paintings found in NE China

2015-09-16 14:18

Chinese archeologists have found more than 1,800 ancient cliff paintings in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province.

Palace Museum to remove parking spots inside the tourist site

2015-09-16 13:50

Beijing's Palace Museum will move away its parking lot in the next five years and no parking will be allowed in the tourist site.

Kungfu masters compete atop Emei Mountain

2015-09-16 13:25

The grand finale of the fifth International Emei Martial Arts Festival was held at the Gold Summit of the main peak of Emei Mountain of Southwest China's Sichuan province on Sept 15, 2015.

Scrawling's long history in China and the world

2015-09-16 12:59

Carving one's names on cultural relics to mark one's visit is not peculiar to modern Chinese. People at all times and all over the world have done it.

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