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Online exhibition shows beauty of 'lotus city' in Seoul

2020-06-28 09:27:08

With lotus blossoming in June, Guigang city, nicknamed "city of lotus" in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, found its reflection in photos in a recent online exhibition launched by the China Tourism Office in Seoul.

Online exhibition on Ningxia kicks off in Seoul

2020-06-23 14:32:01

On June 22, an online exhibition featuring Northwest China’s Ningxia province was launched by the China Cultural Center in Seoul on its website and social media platforms.

Photos of Beijing's Daxing Intl Airport fly to South Korea

2020-06-17 17:15:00

Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX), located on the border of Beijing and Langfang, North China's Hebei province, is the biggest airport in the world.

Cultural center brings taste of China to Fiji

2020-06-18 17:17:45

The China Cultural Center in Fiji and Suva International School recently cooperated to carry out a series of online activities. The center has adopted video contact to help students visit the exhibition hall of the cultural center. During the activity, the staff showed books related to festivals, na

Online events mark Cultural and Natural Heritage Day in Pakistan

2020-06-16 14:39:59

As this year’s Cultural and Natural Heritage Day fell on June 13, the Chinese embassy to Pakistan and the China Cultural Center in Pakistan launched a series of online activities on social media platforms to celebrate the festival.

Guilin landscape showcased through photos in Seoul

2020-06-03 16:30:00

"Guilin's scenery is the best under heaven," a popular Chinese saying goes.

8 children films for International Children's Day

2020-05-29 09:17:15

International Children's Day is around the corner and we have selected eight children's movies for you to enjoy this special day with your kids. Free online access to these films will be available for a limited period of time (from June 1st-June 7th), feel free to pick them up.

80 pictures show wonder of Shaanxi in South Korea

2020-05-19 14:59:20

If someone wants to learn the history of China, Shaanxi is a must-visit place. As one of the cradles of Chinese civilization, it was the capital city of 14 dynasties in ancient China.

Online show on ancient Shu Kingdom launched in Sydney

2020-05-19 15:20:39

To celebrate International Museum Day on May 18, the China Cultural Center in Sydney launched an online exhibition featuring the ancient Shu civilization.

Online photos show Silk Road in Seoul

2020-05-18 14:49:11

On May 15, the China Cultural Center in Seoul launched an online photo exhibition on the Silk Road, part of the Visiting China Online series of virtual shows.

China's world heritage highlighted in online show in New Zealand

2020-05-14 13:52:29

The 14-day online display of world heritage in China, launched by the China Cultural Center in Wellington, saw its end on May 11.

Online exhibition showcases splendid Hubei in South Korea

2020-05-13 15:55:23

The China Tourism Office in Seoul recently launched an online exhibition on Hubei's natural wonders and cultural heritage, trying to help local people to appreciate the beauty of Hubei in a most convenient way.

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