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Exhibition of Russian royal treasures opens in Hong Kong

2014-10-29 16:16:41



A man looks at a portrait of Russian Empress Catherine the Great at the Museum of History in Hong Kong on Oct 28, 2014.[Photo/Xinhua]


Flag of Peace painting exhibition held in Beijing 

"Beijing Smart Lady" in Seoul 

Re-modelling the World

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China-South Korea cultural festival held in Seoul


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The Imperial kiln wares reflect the taste of famous emperors


"Beijing Smart Lady" in Seoul


Ru Porcelain displayed in Beijing


Collection of Chinese paintings featuring red leaves


Shaolin Kungfu staged in New Zealand


Autumn harvest scenery of Chenkan ancient village


Chinese crafts unveiled in Sweden


The new look of ancient block at South Gate of Xi'an City Wall


Liao Embroidery


Huanglong: a mysterious and beautiful land


Hui-style garden appears in E China


Chinese cultural relics lost overseas (part 2)


China-Russia Youth Artistic Exchange Gala held in Russia


Beautiful snow Scenery in east Xinjiang


Master artworks displayed in Nanjing