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Exhibition "La Parole Du Coeur" unveiled in Auckland

2014-10-27 12:06:49



Gustes attended Willian C. Tseng's personal oil painting exhibition,"La Parole Du Coeur", at the Auckland Museum in New Zealand on Oct 19, 2014.[Photo/]

William C. Tseng's personal oil painting exhibition, "La Parole Du Coeur", was held at the Auckland Museum in New Zealand on Oct 19, 2014.

The opening ceremony was attended by Zhang Heqing, consular officer in charge of cultural affairs in Chinese Consul General to Auckland, Dr. Yang Jian, a New Zealand Member of Parliament, Raymond Huo, a former MP, and nearly 200 other guests from local art circles.

At the opening ceremony, Zhang said that it's a great achievement for Tseng to hold a personal art exhibition at the Auckland Museum and that it also proves the high level of artistic standards of Chinese New Zealanders.

Zhang also said he hoped that the Chinese living in New Zealand will continue to spread Chinese culture and enhance cultural exchanges with different ethnic groups in the country.

Forty of Tseng's classic oil paintings were on display at the exhibition. Tseng said that it took him nearly a year to prepare for the official exhibition, as he wanted to present the most beautiful part of New Zealand through his oil paintings.

Stacey Reed, a curator's assistant at the Auckland Museum, also spoke highly of Tseng's oil paintings, praising them as remarkable works of high artistic quality.

Hailed as a painting genius since he was young, Tseng won the World Children's Painting Competition at the age of seven.

He was awarded first place in the Taiwan National University Entrance Fine-Art Competition in 1987 and admitted by the Faculty of Arts at Taiwan Catholic Fu-Jen University

Two years later, he won first prize in the Taipei County Fine Arts Competition in watercolor paintings. His masterpiece, "Rendes-Vous", is part of the official permanent collection of the New Taipei City Museum.

Tseng went on to pursue his studies and research in Paris in 1993 and won many prizes and honors in France.

He moved to New Zealand in 2010 to create oil paintings and in 2011 established his own art office, William C. Tseng Fine Art Workshop, at Remuera in Auckland.

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