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The stage play Journey to the West debuts in Bangkok

2014-10-27 13:41:14



Pigsy getting married. [Photo/]

The mythic play Journey to the West (Ⅰ) , created by the China National Theatre for Children, made its debut at the China Culture Center in Bangkok on Oct. 25. Korn Dabbaransi, former vice prime minister and president of the Thai-Chinese Friendship Association, and Chen Jiang, Chinese cultural counselor to Thailand, as well as more than 400 others, attended the premiere and watched the performance.

Adapted from Journey to the West, one of the four classical masterpieces of Chinese literature, the play tells such classic stories as the Monkey King coming into the world, Monkey King’s rebellion against Heaven, and Pigsy getting married. It adopted a unique form of performance, vividly presenting the story of Tang Monk (a famous monk in Chinese ancient myths) collecting four disciples and traveling to India to obtain sacred texts. The play won the Excellent Drama Award at the Excellent Dramas Performance of the National Arts Troup in 2010.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, the play was co-launched by the China National Theatre for Children and China Culture Center in Bangkok. There was a second show on Oct 26 at the China Culture Center in Bangkok and a third one on Oct. 28.

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