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When ancient Egypt comes to China

Updated: 2024-05-24 07:35 ( CHINA DAILY )
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An animal statue and another artifact of ancient Egyptian civilization to be showcased at the Shanghai exhibition. CHINA DAILY

The Shanghai Museum announced on Monday ticket pre-sales for its exhibition, On Top of the Pyramid: The Civilization of Ancient Egypt, which it claims is the largest showcase of ancient Egypt civilization in Asia.

Running from July 18 this year to Aug 17, 2025, On Top of the Pyramid: The Civilization of Ancient Egypt will feature 492 displays of 788 artifacts from various periods of Egypt's history, says Shanghai Museum director Chu Xiaobo.

Chu introduces such highlights as statues of pharaohs, including those of Tutankhamun, Amenemhat III and Ramses II; a complete set of mummies' coffins; gold jewelry belonging to a queen; and recently discovered painted coffins, animal mummies and statues from the Saqqara region.

The institution's largest-ever themed exhibition will occupy all three exhibition halls on the ground floor of the Shanghai Museum in People's Square, he says.

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