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Famed writer's home attracts hordes of visitors

Updated: 2024-05-09 15:05 ( chinadaily.com.cn )
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The birth place and home of Lu Xun (1881-1936) in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, has become a magnet for numerous visitors eager to delve into the upbringing of the renowned writer.

The pivotal figure of contemporary Chinese literature, has left an indelible mark on the literary landscape and cultural ethos of China with his extensive body of work spanning novels, essays, and poems exceeding 13 million words.

This scenic destination offers a tapestry of locations associated with Lu Xun, including his familial homestead where he was born and raised, his ancestral abode, the Sanwei Private School where he pursued his studies as a teenager, and Baicao Garden, a cherished childhood retreat.

In recent times, the site has been made accessible to the public free of charge, drawing in excess of 3 million visitors annually, as reported by the Lu Xun Memorial Museum, the custodian of this historic site. Moreover, the integration of cultural and creative products inspired by Lu Xun and his literary legacy within the locale has garnered acclaim from visitors, enriching their experience.

"We have harmoniously blended the essence of Lu Xun's works with the local heritage of Shaoxing to cultivate innovative business ventures that not only honor the humanistic significance of these landmarks but also resonate with the younger demographic," remarks Chen Yang, a specialist in preserving the ancient city of Shaoxing.

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